1.      Scientific Symposia and Conferences

Comprehensive coverage of state-of-the-art science in specific areas with open invitations and audience or focused and subspcialized areas and audience. Meetings can range from a few hours to a few days.


2.      Master classes

In-depth comprehensive training in an area of interest with international experts and regional key opinion leaders with interactive sessions and case studies. For example, Masterclass in Oncology, Infection Disease, Cardiology and all other specialities.


3.      Workshops

 In depth hands-on-training on particular subjects, such as writing skills, presentation skills, and research development workshops.

Workshops about clinical skills are also available in all speciality based on needs e.g Navigational Bronchoscopy, and interventional radiology.


4.      Abroad Training Programs

GA can arrange for health care professionals training in their respective area of interest at major US and EU centers.


5.      Medical Expert  Access and Visiting Professorship Programs

 A list of faculty is available based on educational and consultative needs.

A visitng professorship can be arranged from top US and EU institutions.


6.      Virtual Educational Activities

Using remote learning technologies to conduct seminars, courses, lectures, case studies, podcast, and video.


7.      Editing and publishing:

Advisory and consultation services can be provided by experts with extensive expreince in editing and publishing.