Global Academy for Health Sciences offers a number of opportunities for training and education to health care professionals using seasoned and highly competent Subject Matter Experts in the field that will use innovative approaches for adult learning.  


Scope of Services

1.      Educational Programs

Providing educational programs and support to health sciences colleges, academic centers and education offfices, and post graduate education centers at hospitals.

Our experts can help academic institutions at any phase of their development.

A.      GA can help colleges and universities develop strategic plans and future goals and direction to help brand their institutions in a unique manner.

B.      GA can help evaluate, modify, and improve the academic curriculum

C.      GA can develop a Faculty Program including buidling educational, and teaching skills, research and administrative skills to enhance the career of acamedicians.


2.      Medical Subspeciality  Learning Activities

These activities include up-to-date educational programs in clinically relevant subjects such as Oncology, Cardiology, Infection diseases. These educational activities can be in seminar/conference format or in a more interactive fashion such as Masterclasses or workshops.


3.      Research Training Programs

Research Training Programs include

·         Introduction to Research

·         Resarch Metholodgy workshops

·         Designing a Research Project

·         Clinical Trial design

·         Good Clinical Practice Certifcates from USA based Academic Centers.

·         Literature search and critical appraisal of published research manuscripts.


4.      Communication  and Interpersonal Skills

Participants will receive training in two types of communication skills

A.      Pofessional Skills

including both verbal and written communication skills such

·         Presentation Skills

·         Writing Manuscripts

·         Writing Research Proposal

·         General English Writing Skills

·         Burnout recognition and self preserving approaches


B.      Patient communication Skills:

·         Effective Communication (e.g. AIDET Tool of communication)

·         Breaking bad news

·         Negotiating Goals of care

·         Conflict resolution

·         Patients Experience


5.      Evidence Based Medicine

Includes escalating and hands-on-training on:

A.      How to search for the evidence, appraise the evidence,

B.      Develop/Adapt,  implement, and audit guidelines

C.      Point of care resources

D.     Meta-analysis and systemaic review


6.      Health Care Delivery Sciences

Addresses skills related to the quality of care and patient safety sciences.

A.      Methods of QI such as Six Sigma and Lean

B.      Science of improvement

C.      High reliabilty organizations

D.     Developing and Implmenting Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Plans


7.      Management and Leadership Program

Training in various skills in leadership and management such as

·         Developing Strategies

·         Types and domains of leadership

·         Leading Effective Teams

·         Motivating Staff

·         Leadership and Patient Safety and OI