Center for Public Health and Disease Control is a unit of our academy that has a group of diverse experts in all public health and preventive medicine fields including public health, medical research, epidemiology, preventive medicine, disease screening, infection control, outbreaks investigations, and quality improvement. Global Center for Public Health and Disease Control strives to join international efforts in diseases control and prevention, and to support medical research skills for health care professionals. We provide high quality training and consulting programs for countries, ministries of health, health care organizations, hospitals, non-governmental organizations, societies, universities, and pharmaceutical companies.

Our Programs:

We do provide high quality programs in the forms of:
– Training and capacity building through workshops and hands on training.
– Consultation on strategic planning.
– Conduct national programs such as breast cancer screening project, type II diabetes prevention program.
– Consultation on specific project design and execution.
– Curriculum Development for undergraduate, graduate and post graduate education, training and development.

Our areas of expertise are:

– All medical and health care research methodology.
– Communicable and non-communicable diseases control and prevention.
– Helping countries and organizations in outbreaks investigations and control.
– Training in infection control and in dealing with new emerging infections.
– Consultation on national vaccination programs.
– Chronic diseases such as cancer control and diabetes control.
– Smoking cessation medical and behavioral management.
– Supporting countries in setting their health care priorities and how they can target these priorities from public health and preventive medicine point of view.
– Supporting countries and organization in achieving international and national accreditations.

Epidemiology projects:

  • All site specific cancers
  • Infectious diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Hypertension, Heart failure, ischemic heart disease


Disease Specific Registry

  • Initiate new registries, training, maintenance.
  • Support and improve existing registries.
  • Effective use of collected data
  • Support publications
  • Registries across the MENA region


Disease Control and Prevention

  • Chronic Diseases Control and Prevention
  • Communicable Diseases Control and Prevention
  • National Vaccination Policies
  • Cancer Control and Prevention
  • Diabetes Control and Prevention
  • Consulting countries on vaccinations based on collection of valid country specific data
  • New Emerging infections


Breast cancer, Colorectal cancer and cervical cancer screening

  • Assessment of the cost-effectiveness of the screening program based on valid local data through pilot systematic screening program.
  • Supporting and improving country specific initiatives in cancer control and prevention.

Applying pharmaco-economics in health care

  • For drawing guidelines
  • For making decision in clinical practice

Pharmacovigilance programs

  • At hospitals and national levels

Supporting governments and authorities in regulations and approvals

  • Setting national guidelines for review and approvals of medications. For example: biologics and biosimilars